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Under Armour Octane Sunglasses Review

A few months back we reviewed a pair of Under Armour Rival sunglasses. At $129, they were a great product but a little on the pricier side than we liked. Under Armour’s new Octane Sunglasses, however, start at $99 and

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Under Armour Rival Multireflection Sunglasses Review

Under Armour is best known for their lineup of athletic and technical apparel, but in a lesser known realm of the company is their eyewear division with equally as technical and focused sunglasses. Under Armour sent us a pair of

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Costa Sunglasses Review: The Rockport + 580 Lenses

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, or more commonly referred to as just Costa, may come as a surprising brand to see here on Outdoor Gear Reviews. With nearly all of their products built and marketed towards people spending lots of time

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