Boker Plus Urban Trapper Review

The Boker Plus Urban Trapper

When it comes to everyday carry (EDC) knives, there are a shocking number of companies that produce an even more shocking number of options. At the winter Outdoor Retailer back in January, there were at least four exhibiting knife manufacturers all with a huge inventory of different styles for different purposes. And that was the winter show. The number of blade exhibitors easily triples during the summer show, and that makes having a product truly stand out of the crowd even harder.

Boker Knives was one such blade exhibitor at the OR winter show and my eye was immediately drawn to a slim profile, modern looking EDC knife called the Urban Trapper. After chatting with their reps for a while, they offered to send a unit for review. With a couple months of use under the belt, here’s what you should know:

  1. Lightweight & Slim Profile: Aside from the blade, the Urban Trapper is exclusively made from titanium, which makes it ridiculously lightweight. By ridiculously, I specifically mean an absolutely minuscule 48 grams, which includes the pocket clip. Helping keep the weight down is a very slim profile, with a frame thickness of a laughably thin 8mm. Such a slime profile keeps the Urban Trapper unnoticed when in pant or coat pockets.
  2. Versatility: Low weight and little mass makes the Urban Trapper a candidate for use in places that Boker probably never intended it to be used. For example, outside of being a perfect EDC knife, I found the strong pocket clip allowed me to clip it to my hydropack during trail runs. Because there is only 48 grams to worry about, the knife doesn’t bounce around or change the dynamic of running with my hydropack.

    The Boker Plus Urban Trapper

    The Boker Plus Urban Trapper is light enough to be carried on my hydropak without any notice.

  3. VG10 Steel Blade: The blade is made from Japanese VG10 steel. It holds a very sharp edge for a very long time. VG10 is known to be somewhat more brittle than other alloys, but the retention of the sharp edge makes the trade off well worth it.
  4. Ball Bearing Action: The action on the Urban Trapper is very smooth thanks to a ball bearing system in which the blade has been mounted to. Typically reserved for high end knives, the ball bearing system Boker put into place is very impressive and ultra smooth considering the price (which will get to in a moment).
  5. Horrible Framelock: My one major complaint with the Urban Trapper is the horrible framelock release that must be pressed to retract the blade into the frame. It’s far too short to be used efficiently and takes extra effort to depress to allow the blade to swing back in. Surprising since the rest of the knife is so dialed in.
  6. Bonus- Aesthetics: Yes, looks are the most subjective metric in which to judge a product by. But wow, just look at the Urban Trapper. What a beautiful, unique looking item. For me, personally, it’s one of the best looking knives on the market right now.

Boker knocked it out of the park with their Urban Trapper. Despite a terrible framelock, the knife scores perfect marks in all other categories. As of right now, the Urban Trapper is $69 on Amazon (affiliate link). A very hard to believe price for a knife made of titanium with a ball bearing and VG10 steel blade. Hats off to Boker on this effort- it’s very well done.

The Boker Plus Urban Trapper

Chad Waite is the founder of Outdoor Gear Reviews and an avid outdoorsman and trail runner in beautiful Park City, Utah.

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