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LifeStraw Go & Mission Review: Bringing ‘Game Changing’ to New Applications

My first introduction to a LifeStraw product almost two years ago yielded a verdict that was unexpected and very positive. Their personal water filtration system was packed nicely in a little plastic “straw” that could be used pretty much anywhere

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The Hydrapak Stash Really Is The Water Bottle Reimagined

I know what you’re thinking. You’ve probably just read this article’s title and thought “how can the water bottle be redesigned any more than it already is?” It’s a valid thought but one that the Hydrapak folks at the Outdoor

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Gear Review: Salomon Park Hydro Handset

Salomon’s Park Hydro Handset is a result of their efforts to re-engineer hydration by water bottle while simultaneously revamping how bottles are carried by hand. The result is essentially a mini bladder system strapped¬†to a minimalist “glove” for ¬†and a

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