Diamondback Oso Dos Review: Fat Biking On An Aluminum Bear

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The Diamondback Oso Dose at the top of Porcuclimb Trail at the Round Valley Recreation Area, Park City, Utah.

Summer was ending. Biking on dry singletrack was quickly coming to end. The Mountain Trails Foundation of Park City, Utah planned on adding more groomed snow trails in the winter. This is how I found myself on the saddle of a 2018 Diamondback Oso Dos fat bike.

After miles of riding snow-covered single track and quickly learning that winter riding is not at all the same as riding on dirt, I gathered my thoughts on Diamondback’s mid-tier fat bike offering. Full disclosure: Diamondback worked with Outdoor Gear Reviews to help source this bike for review purposes. Here are the five major takeaways.

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45NRTH Wölvhammer Red Wing Edition Review: Hot, Hot Heat From A Hot, Hot Boot

The Wölvhammer Red Wing Leather Edition in all of it’s glory, fresh out of the box.

Last year we reviewed a pair of Icebug DTS2 BUGrips, an item made exclusively for winter trail running on ice and snow. It was a fantastic product made for a very specific group of athletes. It’s hard to believe then that there is an even more specific niche of athletes with requirements for even more dedicated gear. That niche, you ask? Winter fat bikers and the need for footwear to keep their feet warm.

Yes, hardcore cold weather fat bike specific boots. You might think you would be hard pressed to find such a product, but you would be wrong. Most major bike apparel manufacturers offer winter footwear, but on top of thatyou also have a handful of companies specifically dedicated to the sport of winter fat biking. 45NRTH is one of those companies, specializing in all things winter fat biking. Anything from tires- including gnarly studded tires- apparel, pogies and boots, which brings us to the Wölvhammer. This crazy named item from 45NRTH is designed for cold weather biking between 0°- 25°. And since temperatures in Park City, Utah can get frigid quick this was right up our list to try out.

45NRTH was gracious enough to send us a pair of their special Wölvhammer Red Wing Leather Editions to take out on the local single track. Note that while these were sent to us free of charge, the objectivity of this review remains the same. We call out products that work well. And we do the same for those that don’t. Let’s get into it!

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Here Are The Year’s 5 Best Outdoor Products That Also Make Great Gifts

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With the holidays in full swing and a year of gear reviews in the books, it’s time again for another gift guide! Below are five products that have been reviewed by Outdoor Gear Reviews that also make excellent gifts for the outdoor-loving person on your list. Read more ›

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Adidas Terrex Swift R Mid GTX Hiking Boots Review: Seriously Fast Hikes On Seriously Light Boots

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Adidas Terrex Swift R Mid GTX

Trails with varying conditions is where the Swift R Mid excels.

The modern day hiking boot as we know it has actually been around for some time. Following the end of WWI, visitors to the rugged Italian Dolomites created a demand for a shoe with military durability and a comfortable design. This was genesis for the standard hiking boot platform we have today. But with nearly a century from genesis to present day, hiking boots have become refined and iterated upon time and time again.

Nowhere is this more evident than the Terrex Swift R Mid GTX by Adidas. Chock full of the best synthetic materials and footwear technologies, the Swift R has been a mainstay in the Adidas hiking line since 2013. Adidas sent Outdoor Gear Reviews a pair for review purposes to see what we thought (this in no way affects the objectivity of the review). After many hiking miles in Utah’s Park City and Big Cottonwood Canyon, here’s what we though:

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Merrell Trail Glove 4 Review: The Barefoot Acorn Fell Far From The Tree

Merrell Trail Glove 4 Grip

The hugely enjoyable Merrell Trail Glove 4.

Whoever coined the phrase the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree was clearly not familiar with Merrell. In a recent review, the footwear company’s attempt at a comprehensive trail running shoe fell short compared to the competition, setting the expectations rather low for their next offering, the Trail Glove 4. This fourth generation barefoot trail runner promised a lot on paper, but with a rough review in the books and a product aimed at one of the most polarizing outdoor activities around, was the acorn about to fall too close to the Merrell trunk?

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