SAXX Underwear Review: What Model Should You Choose?

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SAXX Underwear Models

In the world of premium underwear, SAXX is a dominate name. But for those looking to make the jump from the $12 6-pack Champion nut clampers from Costco to something a big more velvety and spacious where it counts, the sheer volume of choices SAXX offers begs the questions: which one is best for me and my boys? ‘

Never fear, OGR is here. We got a hold of four of their most popular models and tested them out to see which SAXX underwear your goods should be calling home next. 

SAXX Ultra Boxer Fly

  1. Ultra: The Ultra is a SAXX staple and the model most intended for daily use. Very soft materials paired with the patented Ballpark Pouch gives the Ultra a hugely comfortable feel. That is until the legs inevitably ride up and bunch after but a few steps. At $29, the Ultra is a disappointing option that should not have the fit issues assumed to be avoided with premium underwear.SAXX Kinetic
  2. Kinetic: In SAXX’s attempt to break into the athletic side of performance underwear, the Kinetic is built for, in their words, “high output endurance activities.” I’m not sure if it’s meant to compete with products from companies like 2XU, but it’s far more comfortable and suited for everyday wear rather than being used in athletic activities. At $37, the Kinetic is by far the most expensive option here, and while very comfortable and very good at staying in place, the lack of a fly and the price point make it an unfocused, slightly confusing and very pricey option to choose.SAXX Pro Elite
  3. Pro Elite 2.0: Much like the Kinetic above, the Pro Elite 2.0 is designed with performance in mind. It stays in place very during everyday wear, but falls short of being a truly viable baselayer solution for activities like running or biking, riding up relatively quickly in any moderately intense workout. And because it also lacks a fly and commands a price point of $29, it suffers from the same problem that the Kinetic does- I just don’t understand what situation the Pro Elite 2.0 is supposed to be used in.SAXX Quest 2.0
  4. Quest 2.0: The most immediate difference in the Quest 2.0 is the material SAXX uses. A light, quick-dry mesh like fabric that breaths well and loves to stay put even when moving around all day. The fit is absolutely fantastic- easily the best fitting underwear I have ever worn. This is due to the Quest 2.0 making the most out of the spacious Ballpark pouch for the twig and berries and SAXX’s other patented feature, “Flat Out Seams”.  The end result is a pair of underwear that feels consistently vented and comfortable, and it comes with a fly! Yay for practicality. The Quest 2.0 goes for $29 on the SAXX website.
  5. Winner: In this head to head, the best package for my package is unquestionably the Quest 2.0. I’m still on the fence about the premium it takes to get my hands on (or goods in) a pair of Quest 2.0s, but once the money has been spent, it’s does feel worth it. SAXX clearly prices themselves on making high-quality products, and despite a somewhat unclear purpose for their performance category, the Quest 2.0 is a great place to test the world of underwear that doesn’t come in the 6-pack from Costco.

Chad Waite is the founder of Outdoor Gear Reviews and an avid outdoorsman and trail runner in beautiful Park City, Utah.

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