Under Armour Octane Sunglasses Review

A few months back we reviewed a pair of Under Armour Rival sunglasses. At $129, they were a great product but a little on the pricier side than we liked. Under Armour’s new Octane Sunglasses, however, start at $99 and are specifically designed for high motion activities like running.

UA sent us a pair for review and after putting the Octane’s through bike rides and trail runs, here’s what we thought:

  1. Grip: As we mentioned in our review of the Rivals, Under Armour is unmatched in the staying power of their sunglasses. Their AUTOGRIP system employs strategically placed rubber that lines the entire length of the temples and consistently flex to adjust to head movement. More importantly, the more you sweat the more the rubber grips better, helping the Octanes stay firmly in place. They won’t come off even if you want them too.
  2. Frame and Lens Strength: If I’m paying $100 for a pair of sunglasses, they better last for the rest of my life. So far, the Octanes seem to be up to the task. Under Armour puts an unbelievable amount of focus on frame strength, as well as lens that are highly resistant to scratching and shattering with impact. I test lens durability by brushing the glasses with different force against scrub oak branches- the type you’d bump into on a run. After multiple attempts, the lens remained unblemished, as if they had just come from the box.
  3. Color Enhancements: Easily the best feature from the Octane’s base-level gray lens is the color enhancement they bring to otherwise hard to see objects. Monocolor trails become far more vibrant with the Octanes, especially when consistently switching between segments in shadow and then in sun. The contrast reveals small details that would typically be missed without the color enhancements.
  4. Price: $99 for the base pair of Octanes. Still on the expensive end for sunglasses in my opinion, but low enough to bring it into the realm of doable.
  5. Peripheral Distortion: The one drawback with the Under Armour Octane is some light peripheral distortion. When going around tight turns and shifting your vision to the side, the edges of the glasses tend to bend the light in a fishbowl lens manner. It’s not anything that would deter me from purchasing the Octanes, but something to consider when one of Under Armour’s biggest selling points is the extended peripheral range with their lens.

Are these the top pair of sunglasses that I have tested for trail running and biking? At this point I would say yes- that is if you’re willing to go up to the $100 price point for a pair of glasses. Still, everything that I would look for in high-end sunglasses is something that the Octanes deliver on. It’s a great product for the serious trail runner or biker looking for some serious eye protection.

Buy them from Under Armour here (we’ll get a kickback of your purchase to keep reviewing gear!).

UA Octane

Chad Waite is the founder of Outdoor Gear Reviews and an avid outdoorsman and trail runner in beautiful Park City, Utah.

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